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Drafting Settlement Agreements And Releases For California Disputants

If you or your company has been involved in a legal dispute, you may recall the sense of relief you felt when it was finally resolved. Unfortunately, some parties fail to take the final step of drafting releases or settlement documents that contain all of the aspects of the deal. If, for example, a settlement agreement does not contain a release of future liability, the parties may find themselves enmeshed in the same or similar dispute again.

Do not miss the most important step when resolving your real estate or business disputes in California. Seek the guidance of a lawyer who will help you close the door on your legal issue and move forward without fear of ending up in court all over again.

Assisting Attorneys And Private Parties With Complex Workouts And Settlements

At Marmon Law Offices in Los Angeles, our skilled attorney has more than 40 years of experience helping individuals, families and businesses resolve personal and commercial disputes. With an extensive background in handling the legal and financial aspects of business and personal real estate transactions and deals, lawyer Victor Marmon helps business and corporate individuals and entities:

  • Formalize their private deals
  • Draft binding and good settlement agreements that will hold up over time
  • Create release agreements that absolve disputants from future liabilities for the same matters

Asking The Right Questions ~ Providing The Right Answers

At Marmon Law Offices, we know which questions to ask so that the best possible solutions may be found, pursued and memorialized. Let us help you commit your agreements to writing in order to keep the same problems from arising again in the future. To schedule your free initial consultation or to refer a client to our office, call 800-833-9163 or send us an email.

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