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Resolving Lease Issues And Disputes In Los Angeles

Leases serve as critical blueprints outlining the terms and obligations landlords and tenants are expected to meet. Accuracy and precision are critical aspects of these contracts. Ambiguous language or the wrong word choice can lead to complex and expensive lease disputes.

At Marmon Law Offices, we carefully draft leases to avoid future lease disputes between commercial property owners and tenants. From our law firm in Los Angeles, attorney Victor Marmon provides sophisticated legal counsel to protect landlords and tenants from poorly drafted commercial leases.

Effective legal counsel begins and ends with details. Attorney Victor Marmon offers a hands-on approach to protect clients’ real estate transactions proactively.

We Apply Our Extensive Real Estate Background To Your Case

For more than 40 years, we have successfully represented hundreds of clients involved in complicated lease disputes. Often, problems develop when leases are not carefully drafted to avoid ambiguity and confusion involving:

  • Options to purchase the property
  • Options to extend or renew leases
  • Tenant’s right to purchase the property
  • Tenant’s right to make improvements and alterations
  • Landlord’s ability to make sure improvements comply with building codes

In other circumstances, commercial tenants fail to obtain permission to terminate the lease early or pay a reduced rent if the property has too many vacancies or the promised traffic does not materialize. We have also represented clients with lease disputes where other tenants monopolize common areas or use garages and other spaces for improper purposes. Common disputes occur between tenants when one person is accused of using more utilities than they are entitled to under the lease.

Providing Skilled Protection For Clients In Legal Disputes In California

We have years of experience handling real estate litigation. Part of our success stems from our meticulous reviewing of the details of the lease and supporting facts. We have an extensive background with transactional work, drafting and reviewing innumerable contracts and leases. This experience allows us to find vague or ambiguous terms and imprecisely drafted clauses quickly. Our approach helps protect clients’ interests with negotiations or the courtroom.

Where Communication Is Key ~ Free Initial Consultation

At Marmon Law Offices, we believe communication is the key to our success. Mr. Marmon is straightforward lawyer who is committed to providing each client with a clear case analysis in plain English. Contact our law office online or call us at 800-833-9163 to schedule a free initial consultation.