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Handling California Land Use Development Issues And Disputes

New construction, additions to structures and changes in use in California must comply with complex zoning and other land use regulations. Some of these rules establish height, setback, lot coverage, use and other building limitations. This area of law is very complicated; in order to avoid potential legal problems seek the help of an experienced real estate attorney.

Skilled Legal Assistance For California Businesses And Individual Landowners

At Marmon Law Offices in Los Angeles, we help commercial and residential property owners understand land use requirements and restrictions. We help clients design their projects to conform — where possible — to zoning codes and other land use regulations by working with architects, planners and engineers. When exceptions are justified, we help clients obtain variances, adjustments and other approvals. We also help clients obtain entitlements such as conditional use permits.

We also work with neighboring owners and community groups to evaluate proposed developments to ensure that they comply with the law and do not adversely affect property values, quality of life or the environment. When requesting discretionary approvals, we review the developer’s applications and justifications to determine whether they meet legal requirements.

Complying With Limitations In The Laws

In addition to governmental requirements, often development is limited or controlled by covenants, conditions and restrictions (CC&Rs), easements and other land use restrictions. We review these issues to help ensure that all projects comply with these title limitations.

Whether representing developers or neighbors, we work to achieve consensus so that a project can receive community support. When this is not possible, we zealously advocate for our client before governmental bodies and, where necessary, in court.

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