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Protecting The Rights Of Joint Property Owners In California

Property law is an ancient and complicated area defined by many intricate terms. Joint ownership of property includes tenancy-in-common and joint tenancy. Tenancy-in-common allows property owners pass ownership of their portion of the property to their heirs. Joint tenancy requires property to be passed onto co-owners a property owner dies.

Some might mistake tenancy-in-common and joint tenancy as the same, resulting in problematic legal battles. At Marmon Law Offices in Los Angeles, we have handled hundreds of real estate transactions and have a comprehensive understanding how to protect our clients. Our success stems from our ability to anticipate areas where legal problems may develop and foreclose them before they happen.

Attorney Victor Marmon sees the big picture without losing focus on the details. He carefully drafts contracts with precisely the right words to eliminate ambiguities and protect clients.

Representing Joint Ownership Clients

For more than 40 years, we have represented hundreds of clients with complex legal needs. We have handled matters of joint ownership agreements involving residential property, commercial investments and intellectual property. The property may not necessarily be split 50-50 between the owners (there may be multiple fractional owners), but our lawyer has an extensive background reviewing and drafting agreements to ensure they meet our clients’ current and future needs.

We make it a point to explain the terms of real estate agreements to clients in plain English. Joint ownership property agreements can be between family members, friends, business associates or investors. We make sure our clients understand that joint tenancy with right of survivorship is designed to make the surviving co-owner the sole owner when the other property owner passes away.

If you are concerned that your loved ones may not inherit your property, we have the background to help you modify the terms of your joint ownership agreements.

Protect Clients With Real Estate Disputes

At Marmon Law Offices, we offer a proactive approach to help resolve complicated real estate disputes. We review real estate contracts to protect clients from becoming involved in disputes involving:

  • Selling the property
  • Renting the property
  • Seeking exclusive property rights
  • Excluding joint owners from using the land
  • Holding property owners accountable for not paying fair share of expenses

We are experienced at negotiation, ready to protect our clients’ assets with cost- effective counsel in trial, arbitration or mediation.

Communication ~ Experience ~ Results

We work hard to communicate clearly with our clients. We are committed to explaining your legal rights and obligations with joint ownership matters, ensuring that you understand your legal situation before problems develop. Contact our office online or call us at 800-833-9163 today to schedule a free initial consultation.