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Are You Buying Or Selling A California Business? Get Legal Advice That Works.

It is almost always easier to protect your interests when negotiating the purchase or sale of a business than waiting until a dispute has already occurred. When a deal is falling into place, there is a positive “everything to gain” atmosphere. At this stage, be proactive, and deal with the risks when both sides have the most to gain.

Creating Detailed Contracts That Work And Protect Your Interests

At the Los Angeles Marmon Law Offices, we know where that sweet spot is. So, when we help our clients with business purchases and sales, we make sure that all the details are covered. This is best accomplished by creating documents that explain the deal, writing business purchase and sale contracts in clear, concise language.

We work closely with our clients so we know exactly what they intend in a business deal, and we focus on putting that exact deal into words. This may sound simple, but we know that it requires an immense amount of attention and care to accomplish correctly.

We have been working with this amount of attention to detail for over 40 years. Lawyer Victor Marmon began his career working at one of the United States’ largest law firms after graduating in 1975 from the University of Chicago Law School. To this day, he continues to approach each client and each document with dedication.

An Experienced Los Angeles Attorney For Your Business Transactions

At Marmon Law Offices, we help business clients with a variety of matters related to the business sales and purchases, including:

  • Assets
  • Stocks
  • LLC and partnership interests
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Exchanges of business real property

When providing counsel for a business purchase or sale, we make sure to do the due diligence on all related matters. We examine taxation issues, and we focus on the true costs and benefits to your business.

Free Consultation ~ No Obligation ~ Nothing To Lose By Calling Today

Contact us about your business purchase or sale concerns and schedule your free initial consultation. Send us an email or call us at 800-833-9163. Before you enter into a complex deal, before you sign an agreement or other documents, talk with a well-qualified attorney who pays attention to the details.